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Success Now, Success Always

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About the Author
Whenever I find myself demotivated or I’m seeking encouragement, I like to read quotes and sayings of highly successful people on success and life. Success is contagious, as you read other people speaking about their success, you cannot help but be positively affected by their energy and enthusiasm. Here are a few fascinating success sayings that I was able to find online that you might read.

Being successful is sometimes viewed as achieving a goal or simply getting to a certain stage in life, a position in a social environment or a corporation structure. This kind of viewpoint, that success is a stage, is frequently misleading, the fact is, success is the power to keep going, even with resistance, and by resistance I am talking about both internal or even external resistance, that could be, any situation that pushes you back again or simply prevents your success, whether it’s a feeling, emotion, or maybe an external element such as relative or a colleague.

This kind of viewpoint of success as being a process is actually much more practical than the success-as-a-stage view. What I am here to share with you is that, when you start seeing matters in these terms, when you finally start mastering this process, and by mastering I mean managing the process, not only can you be successful, but you would also acquire self confidence in your own capacity to do the same process all the time in a variety of situations, and still be successful. Bearing that in mind, why don’t we free ourselves from the traditional interpretation of success being a point and focus on that which is actually required to be successful in life.

You have to be constantly aware of your goals: Oftentimes we forget what our own goals are, and by forget I don’t imply that you totally forget your goals, but there are actually instances when things tend to dominate our brain space in such a way that we no longer are actively seeking our originally planned goals, all of us have a reasonably limited attention span, our brains could primarily devote itself to a single main item at a time, whenever this happens we briefly lose sight of other activities in our minds. You need to be mindful of this, you have to learn the ability to notice the very moment when you begin drifting off to other areas in life, areas that use up your mental space and are not really aiding you in attaining your goals.

Know the elements which have been regularly standing in the way of your success: You need to take notice every time an issue begins getting in the way of your success, this really is often a subtle feeling, like fear or laziness, it isn’t always easy to notice. Learn how to stand back and watch how these emotions affect you in both short-term and long-term, how they influence your ability to make the proper decisions that could help you accomplish your desired goals.

Build a positive attitude: Developing a positive mind-set means getting rid of all feelings of hate, envy and bitterness and changing them with love, courage and hope. Very often, we’ve set our goals in the first place mainly because we have been angry about some thing, and we want to change it, this sensation of being upset is effective to some extent, it will provide us the basis to keep going whenever we’re feeling down, but it also can very quickly turn into a negative feeling when we’re not careful, when this happens we find ourselves caught in a loop, we are upset that we can’t attain our goals, and we cannot achieve our goals because we’ve been upset. Never let yourself get caught in this kind of never-ending vicious circle of failure. Learn to be always perceptive of this effect, when it takes place, calmly remind yourself that this feeling is absolutely not helping you, it may also help to whisper it calmly to yourself: “This emotion is not helping me; I’ll not allow this kind of harmful sensation to impact me”

Keep in mind that your friends’ intentions are often good: People worry about change. When you start making an active, visible effort, they will start observing that you are changing. Frequently, this tends to make them fear that you simply will not continue to be the same person they’ve used to know and also like. Remember that they are really not against your success, they’re simply worrying. You need conscious of this and let them know that you’ve set goals for yourself and that this would not impact your current relationship with them by any means. In this manner, you turn them into allies, assisting you in the act of achieving your goals, as opposed to obstacles.

Know that the real key to success is practice: We have talked about this before, but I’m going to mention it once again here, success is a process, whenever you correctly execute this process you become better at being successful, sure, it’s difficult initially, however once you learn to follow the simple steps I have outlined in this article, it gets as easy as anything else you do in life.


Mending a Broken Heart

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There is trauma for those who end the relationship as well as those who are rejected. There are guilt feelings, wondering whether you’re doing the right thing, and trying to do it without much fuss.

Breaking up, as the song says, is hard to do. Things can get out of hand, quarrels can hasten the split, or a partner simply refuses to see the writing on the wall. Finishing a relationship on a bad note, however, leaves both partners feeling uneasy. Always try to talk things out first. Some people can take years to recover from a broken heart, but once you have got over the initial distress you will find that your feelings of anger, bitterness and even hatred will subside. Once you have understood the inevitability of the break-up, you are on the road to recovery.

Believe that time can and does heal a broken heart. The day you can meet the heart-breaker without having that racing pulse, you’ll know that your heart has truly mended.

Broken-hearted Person Tendencies:

1) Feelings of sudden sadness and tearfulness
2) Continuous irritability or anger
3) Anxiety, tension, feeling on-edge or keyed-up
4) Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
5) Less interest in activities with friends, work and hobbies
6) Lack of energy, fatigue, tired most of the time
7) Difficulty in concentration
8) Change in appetite, overeating or craving for specific food
9) Difficulty in sleeping, over-sleeping or insomnia
10) Physical symptoms such as headaches, joint or muscle aches, a sense of being bloated

Guidelines for Broken-hearted Person:

Broken-hearted person tends to be swayed by feeling of frustration, hopelessness and self-pity. Help yourself by following these guidelines:

1) Don’t avoid socializing. You need the support of friends to get over the crisis.
2) Be positive. Don’t relive the past, and remember that there were good reasons for the break-up.
3) Make sure that all the friends around you are positive. You don’t need negativity dragging you down.
4) Give yourself a treat. Have a beauty make-over, a new hairstyle, sorting a new clothes.
5) Spring-clean your home or change the furniture around so that you are no longer living in a temple to your lost lover.
6) Remember what was pleasant in your love affair and avoid bitterness creeping in.
7) If you feel angry, write down why and try to flush out negative feelings.
8) Take up new interests. Do all the things that you always meant to do.
9) Don’t go out with any man/woman just because you want company.
10) Don’t be inhibited because you are single – enjoy it.
11) Give yourself a break before starting off on another relationship, or you could head for a repeat performance.
12) Broken hearts mend – but not overnight. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few months for yours to heal.
13) Be happy with your new life, start what’s motivate you to go on.
14) Keep your past as an experience while moving ahead.
15) Keep your faith in HIM, where happiness resides within you as you go along your new and beautiful life.

Believe that time can and does heal a broken heart. The day you can meet the heart-breaker without having that racing pulse, you’ll know that your heart has truly mended.

Greatest Moment

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This is a GREAT MOMENT, originally uploaded by alykat.

My heart keeps beating
My mind keeps thinking
Never to surrender
Never to give up.

Even in a sparkle of hope
I struggled to reach
approaching the web of chance
hoping to be there
wrap my life endlessly
in the eternal glory.

The strength of my being
released a beam of hope
emitting in every direction
to where I belong.

I savor the moment
capturing every drop of joy
sipping into my elusive soul
shouting with my heart’s desire.

This is the moment!

My greatest moment!

Will I Ever Love Again?

everlasting love, FX777, FX777222999, love, life, soul, heart, unconditional love
The whisper, originally uploaded by Stephen Nelson Photography.

On the vine you are of beauty, supple and lovely.
You locked your heart, for me to touched!
To hold firmly! To embraced tightly! To kissed tenderly!

Would you blame me for what I’ve done?
With your heart’s divine, love holds eternally,
I’ve been so unkind, to your being sublimed,
Taming me to felt, the love you desired.

Ever wanting me, for the sky’s so high,
To the zenith of joy you contrived about,
Truth hurts, I knew my feeling’s adorned,
I can’t teach the way you wanted me to be.

Love’s the only reason, cared nothing more,
What you dwelt within, no reason at all,
Again, you’ve taught me, the love you have had,
But my heart says, I don’t love you anymore!

I have needs and soulful wants,
But those belongs to the woman I love,
You blend lies and feelings with mine,
Molding into mountains, of your heart’s desire.

Your love poisoned my soul!
Your beauty entwined my heart!
Sipping drops of blood!
Into everlasting ecstasy!

You poured your heartaches,
Clutching my flesh! Dragging my soul!
Squeezing my heart! Dying to get hold!
The true love of your life!

At last my darling…
You kissed me goodbye,
Whispering the last words,
Will I Ever Love Again?

Walk with God

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Walking with Gods, originally uploaded by Irish Typepad.

I went for a walk just to be with myself and the nature’s calling for my spirit to relive.
I went for a walk amidst beautiful sky,
Amidst beautiful trees with hues of gold,
blinding yellows laced with orange,
And reds fall flowers scent the air.

I walk softly, slowly, with nothing on my mind.
This walk was for my soul.

Butterflies floating around setting the tone,
For a lighthearted glow to enter my heart,
A true thing of beauty.

A glimmer turns my awareness
And point me in a direction,
To notice the things that is usually obscured
From the motion of my mind.

The motion of the day that shades my heart and dulls my soul.
Truly, I felt my soul.

With a half smile the one that is present without trying.
That easy soft one from the spirit that causes the heart to glow
And is attractive to others.
I breathe deeply asking for God’s direction.

I feel and see what is there.
I am filled with all things.
I am graced with all these creations.
Playing off each other in perfect harmony.

I walk softly, slowly,
To my destiny.

How Can I forgive You?

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forgiving moments, originally uploaded by mondedereverie.

My heart’s rotten as Hell,
Feeling blue from head to toe,
I cannot fathom my anger for you,
From fire everlasting….amen!

Anger resides on me, day and night,
Any second can be any moment at all,
Fire, Demons, Hell, Evil,
Is it?

You came to me for my forgiveness!
You showed tears to soften my heart!
You told lies beyond my imagination to believe!
You tried everything as Hell for my forgiveness!

But how? How can I forgive you?
How can I forgive when you hurt my feelings?
My soul? My being?

Yes, before…

You made me felt strong, when you kissed me,
You made me felt the earth moved, when you embraced me,
You made me happy, the way I wanted it to be,

Yes, that was before…

But how can I forgive you?
Now and Forever?
Only God knows!


beloved, love, sweetheart, life, heart, true love, silence
lover, originally uploaded by cneefs.

For a moment, I thought, I could forget you,
For a moment, I thought, I could feel the restlessness in my heart,
I thought…the past, could no longer haunt me, nor hurt me!
How wrong I was!

For the past, still lingering on my mind and heart,
For the past, surrounds me day and night,
For the past, still vivid in my dreams,
How can I forget you? My beloved!

The lovable smile on your face,
The gentle caress of your embrace,
The soft touch of your fingers,
The tenderness of your body.

Your love chained within my bones,
Your face entwined within my flesh,
I clipped my wings within your beauty,
Sweet memories resides within my soul.

Oh , my beloved…my beloved…