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CyberPower PC Hi-tech Products

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CyberPower Evo SFF PC, originally uploaded by AksgeekLive.

One of the many satisfactions you can acquire in CyberPower PC’s is that, they manufactured and distributed their own products. After 12 years in the computer business their management systems were fully developed to meet the increasing demands of customers. Their vision, steadfast determination, commitment and their desires to give the highest performance for all gaming and digital solutions, made them as one of the leading computer system manufacturers. Besides, in 2003, Los Angeles Business Journal published that Cyberpower, Inc. was the fastest growing private company in Los Angeles.

CyberPower manufactures 3D PC’s, GAMER ULTRA and GAMER XTREME for video gaming that gives high-end satisfaction. SPECIAL PC’s intended for businesses, government institutions and other end-users such as LAN PARTY PC’s, KILLER NETWORKING PC’s, GRAPHIC WORKSTATIONS, WINDOWS HOME SERVICE, HD VIDEO PC’s, and MEDIA CENTER.

Also, you can experience a personalized cutting-edge technology, services and prices. Such products are XPLORE 17” NOTEBOOK and XPLORER 15.6” NOTEBOOK. Likewise, for AMD DESKTOP’s – HOLIDAY SPECIAL PC’s, DUAL VIDEO CARD PC’s, PHENOM II DDR3 PC’s, and PHENOM/ATHLON DDR3 PC’s. You can avail all Intel desktops like MEGA SPECIAL PC’s, FANG EVO SERIES PC’s, DUAL VIDEO CARD PC’s, CORE 17 X58 PC’s and 2ND GENERATION CORE CPU with P67/H67 MOTHERBOARD. They have configurators such as the Intel Custom Build such as X58, P67, H67 and P55 configurators while for AMD configurators, they have AMD QUAD CORE, AMD DUAL CORE and AMD HEX CORE.

More high-end products are being developed for future offerings. Continuous high-end product development are extensively researched, carefully assembled and rigorously tested in giving total customer satisfaction while offering the best prices for their computing needs.

CyberPower aims for the betterment of life, which gives you – products that built to last for a long time, and competes fairly in the computer business world.