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A Brief History of Digital Photography

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This article touched the basics of the topic. I have 2 more resources related to the above. They are history of digital photography and my own blog photography basics. Do consider reading them.

The invention of digital photography required the realization of an optical device allowing the creation of the image and finding a way to fix this picture on a durable medium by a chemical process irreversible.

The two phenomena needed to obtain a photograph had long been known for some, including the effect of light on silver chloride.

Jacques Charles in 1780 and had managed to freeze so fleeting silhouette on paper soaked in silver chloride by the method of the darkroom.

Around 1826, Joseph Ni?pce manages to fix quality images average plates pewter coated with bitumen of Judea (a type of natural tar having the property of hardening in the light). This First “picture” has necessitated a break of several hours.

The official date of the invention of digital photography is 1839: Francois Arago presented at the Academy of Sciences of the daguerreotype, an improvement of the invention due to Niepce Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, which reduces the exposure time in half an hour .

Even if these images could be produced only a single copy for both a result of a random quality, the long history of digital photography is running.

Technical Developments

During the history of digital photography, technological advances will reduce the exposure time (by increasing the speed sensitive surfaces and light of the objectives), improving the stability of the resulting image and a simplified application of this technique.

The devices become both more light and less expensive, the development will be facilitated by advances in chemistry, before being upset by the introduction of the computer which allows the digitization of the image .

The Invention of the Negative

It is to William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877) that we owe the invention in 1840 of “calotype”, a negative-positive process that allows multiple scattering images.

Various methods will succeed in the second half of the nineteenth century and improve image quality, sensitivity to light sensitive surfaces and simplify the shooting.

While the first photographs were made on glass plates bulky, heavy and fragile, in 1884, George Eastman invents flexible sensitive surfaces and the film celluloid. This milestone in the history of digital photography will be used to store multiple images in the camera.

Color Digital Photography

Another milestone in the history of digital photography, the first truly practical method of color digital photography appears in the early twentieth century.

This is autochrome, invented by the Lumiere Brothers in 1903 and commercialized since 1907, with support for the glass plate.

It was not until 1935 that color digital photography is spreading with compact cameras with the first color film, Kodachrome and the Agfacolor.

The success of large-scale digital photography depended on the possibility of drawing on paper, an innovation that allows Kodacolor that spreads widely in the 1950 format 135.

The Small Size

In 1913 Oskar Barnack built the first prototype of the Leica, which was produced and commercialized since 1925. This device was the first to use the 24 ? 36, a crucial innovation in the history of digital photography.

Previously, the format of negative images was at least 4.5 ? 6 cm and more often than 6 ? 9 cm and over, so it was difficult to arrange on the same film more than a dozen views.

The use of 35mm film with pictures of 24 ? 36 mm to triple the range of a movie. The 24 ? 36 becomes the standard most used in practice both amateur and professional digital photography until the late twentieth century.

The Polaroid

The Polaroid instant-first device, was developed around 1948 by Edwin Land, then adapted the color photo in 1962.

All current photographic processes by silver image are merely refinements of these inventions that have marked the history of digital photography.

Digital Photography

With the twenty-first century, the history of digital photography into the digital age: computer skills can transform an image into a series of points, pixels. The sensitive film is replaced by electronic sensors of the image.

This technology marks a complete break with the physical and chemical processes that were at the origin of the photographic technique.

The resolution of these sensors (the number of pixels they are able to analyze) is changing very rapidly and technological change seems to condemn the technique silver does exist in the form of artistic expression.

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