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Mending a Broken Heart

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There is trauma for those who end the relationship as well as those who are rejected. There are guilt feelings, wondering whether you’re doing the right thing, and trying to do it without much fuss.

Breaking up, as the song says, is hard to do. Things can get out of hand, quarrels can hasten the split, or a partner simply refuses to see the writing on the wall. Finishing a relationship on a bad note, however, leaves both partners feeling uneasy. Always try to talk things out first. Some people can take years to recover from a broken heart, but once you have got over the initial distress you will find that your feelings of anger, bitterness and even hatred will subside. Once you have understood the inevitability of the break-up, you are on the road to recovery.

Believe that time can and does heal a broken heart. The day you can meet the heart-breaker without having that racing pulse, you’ll know that your heart has truly mended.

Broken-hearted Person Tendencies:

1) Feelings of sudden sadness and tearfulness
2) Continuous irritability or anger
3) Anxiety, tension, feeling on-edge or keyed-up
4) Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
5) Less interest in activities with friends, work and hobbies
6) Lack of energy, fatigue, tired most of the time
7) Difficulty in concentration
8) Change in appetite, overeating or craving for specific food
9) Difficulty in sleeping, over-sleeping or insomnia
10) Physical symptoms such as headaches, joint or muscle aches, a sense of being bloated

Guidelines for Broken-hearted Person:

Broken-hearted person tends to be swayed by feeling of frustration, hopelessness and self-pity. Help yourself by following these guidelines:

1) Don’t avoid socializing. You need the support of friends to get over the crisis.
2) Be positive. Don’t relive the past, and remember that there were good reasons for the break-up.
3) Make sure that all the friends around you are positive. You don’t need negativity dragging you down.
4) Give yourself a treat. Have a beauty make-over, a new hairstyle, sorting a new clothes.
5) Spring-clean your home or change the furniture around so that you are no longer living in a temple to your lost lover.
6) Remember what was pleasant in your love affair and avoid bitterness creeping in.
7) If you feel angry, write down why and try to flush out negative feelings.
8) Take up new interests. Do all the things that you always meant to do.
9) Don’t go out with any man/woman just because you want company.
10) Don’t be inhibited because you are single – enjoy it.
11) Give yourself a break before starting off on another relationship, or you could head for a repeat performance.
12) Broken hearts mend – but not overnight. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few months for yours to heal.
13) Be happy with your new life, start what’s motivate you to go on.
14) Keep your past as an experience while moving ahead.
15) Keep your faith in HIM, where happiness resides within you as you go along your new and beautiful life.

Believe that time can and does heal a broken heart. The day you can meet the heart-breaker without having that racing pulse, you’ll know that your heart has truly mended.


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