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Will I Ever Love Again?

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The whisper, originally uploaded by Stephen Nelson Photography.

On the vine you are of beauty, supple and lovely.
You locked your heart, for me to touched!
To hold firmly! To embraced tightly! To kissed tenderly!

Would you blame me for what I’ve done?
With your heart’s divine, love holds eternally,
I’ve been so unkind, to your being sublimed,
Taming me to felt, the love you desired.

Ever wanting me, for the sky’s so high,
To the zenith of joy you contrived about,
Truth hurts, I knew my feeling’s adorned,
I can’t teach the way you wanted me to be.

Love’s the only reason, cared nothing more,
What you dwelt within, no reason at all,
Again, you’ve taught me, the love you have had,
But my heart says, I don’t love you anymore!

I have needs and soulful wants,
But those belongs to the woman I love,
You blend lies and feelings with mine,
Molding into mountains, of your heart’s desire.

Your love poisoned my soul!
Your beauty entwined my heart!
Sipping drops of blood!
Into everlasting ecstasy!

You poured your heartaches,
Clutching my flesh! Dragging my soul!
Squeezing my heart! Dying to get hold!
The true love of your life!

At last my darling…
You kissed me goodbye,
Whispering the last words,
Will I Ever Love Again?


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8 responses »

  1. Timeless and elegant poetry! Bravo!
    Happy rally

  2. thats such a sweet heartfelt poem..
    ofcourse you shall love again dear 🙂

  3. Lovely Poetry
    Here’s Mine STUFF

    !! }{APPY RALLY !! xD

  4. A melancholy piece, but nicely done.

    FX777, I’m seeing in comments what looks like replies to comments, but not comments from visitors. Perhaps you have forgotton to approve your comments????

    Welcome to Poetry Potluck. Do hope you have fun with it.


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