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Opening a Restaurant, Please Read

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Opening a restaurant for the first time is not an easy task. Different matter is to be considered from selecting the location, type of store, etc., which can be study beforehand through Feasibility Studies of the business. Also, financial matter plays a vital role in moving your food concept which can be learn along the way. In addition, training your manpower to work with your objectives can be minimized, if they have full knowledge of the people around them. A better way is to introduce to them the concept of the menus through orientation, a 5-day Orientation Seminar.


Morning Session:

Introduction: Operations Manager/In-charge
Welcome Address: The Owner/General Manager

1. The Company/The Store/The People

a.) Introduction to Company/Logo
b.) The Company Mission/Vision/Objectives/Goals
c.) The Company Organizational Chart
d.) The Store Officers and Staff
e.) The Staff Job Description
f.) The Company Code of Discipline
g.) The Employees Manual
h.) Familiarization: Store Layout / Menu

Evening Session:

A.) Customer Relations
A.) Customer Profile
B.) You and the Customer
b.1) Each of Us Needs the help of others
b.2) Put yourself on the shoes of the Customers
b.3) Giving good service and builds good Customers
b.4) Feel good about yourself
b.5) Treat people being human
b.6) Value the quality of your work
a.) Poor quality is rooted on your attitudes
b.) Give your best and take pride in it
c.) Pay attention to the needs of others
d.) Is your job commitment complete?
e.) Customer appreciate your dedication
b.7) Doing more than the minimum for others
a.) Our right to expect the best from others – the same right
the Customer's have
b.8) The Language of Positive Behavior
a.) Going beyond our minimum competence
b.) A Customer's name is Music to his ears
c.) Honesty, Sincerity & Friendliness
d.) Be generous with compliments
e.) Avoid coldness, plastic and crooked behavior


Morning Session:

Review of yesterday's lessons

C.) You and the Company
1.) Displaying an Image
1.1) Your physical appearance and interaction
1.2) Good grooming
1.3) Poise
1.4) Body language
1.5) Manners
1.6) Communication
1.7) Discipline
1.8) Physical Fitness
2.) Characteristics of Good Service personnel
3.) The Customer's Standards of the Company
4.) Food & Beverage Customer's Service Guide

D.) The Customer
1.) What is a Customer?
2.) Smile
3.) Greeting
4.) Listening
5.) Give recognition & accommodate Customer
6.) Think about our Customer's needs
7.) Know your product
8.) Apply suggestive selling techniques

Evening Session:

E.) Guides to Good Customer Relation
1.) The Customer express from you
2.) Customer psychology
3.) The value of a Smile
4.) Ten Commandments of Human Relations
5.) Ten tips of Doing business with Customers
6.) Suggestions for warm welcome
7.) Telephone Etiquette

F.) Individualized Guest Service
1.) Handling complaints


Morning & Evening Session

Exam on customer Relations Standard for Service

A.) Cashier & Counter Section
1.) Opening Procedures
Familiarization and Training:
a.) Menu Line-up
b.) Serving Portion
c.) Serving Wares
d.) Product Movement
e.) Actual Serving Time
2.) Crew Manning
3.) Station System
4.) Order Flow
5.) Equipments
6.) Customer's Service Standards
a.) Taking Reservations
b.) Greeting the Customers
c.) Order Taking
d.) Answering questions & making suggestions
e.) Assigning order number
f.) Serving the order
g.) Making a follow-up on orders
h.) Accepting the tip
i.) Arranging the order
j.) Making the order
k.) Portioning of order
l.) Placing the order on the tray
m.) Punching the order on the POS
n.) Canceling/Changing of orders
o.) Presenting the bill
p.) Accepting payments
q.) Thanking the customer
r.) Packing the order
s.) Daily Inventory
t.) Closing Procedures


Morning Session:

B.) Kitchen Section:
1.) Familiarization & Training
a.) Menu Line-up
b.) Serving portion
c.) Serving wares & equipments
2.) Kitchen Opening Procedures
3.) Crew Manning – Kitchen
a.) Cooks
b.) Pantry
c.) Utilities
4.) Kitchen Set-up
5.) Work Flow
6.) Preparation Time
7.) Food costing
8.) Delivery System on raw material from warehouse
9.) Stockroom guidelines
10.) Accepting procedures
11.) Storage System of Raw Materials in the kitchen
12.) Garbage Disposal
13.) Daily inventory System
14.) Closing Procedures

Evening Session:

C.) Storage/Stockroom:

1.) Menu Line-up
2.) Serving Portion
3.) Serving wares and equipments
4.) Ingredients and supplies required in the Store
5.) Opening procedures
6.) Crew manning
7.) Storage set-up
a.) wet
b.) dry
c.) receiving
8.) Work flow
9.) Purchasing, Receiving and Issuing Procedures
10.) Storage system of Raw materials (wet & dry)
11.) Bin Card, FIFO Stock System & System of Cleanliness
12.) Upkeep of storage
13.) Weekly & Monthly Inventory
14.) Closing Procedures


Morning Session:

1.) Hygiene/Safety Standards
a.) Personal hygiene
A1.) Medical
A2.) Attire
A3.) Grooming / Cleanliness
b.) Equipments
A1.) Dry food storage
A2.) Wet food storage
A3.) Chiller/Freezer
A4.) Other equipments
2.) Food Handling
a.) Incoming
b.) Preparation
c.) Serving

3.) Housekeeping
a.) Washing
b.) Waste Disposal
A1.) Internal
A2.) External
A3.) Pest Control

4.) Safety
5.) Environment

Evening Session:

Administration Sanitation Checklist
a.) Personal Hygiene
b.) Equipments
c.) Food Handling
d.) Housekeeping
e.) General


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  1. I really like how thorough your post is! We are a full service restaurant equipment and supply company so if you ever need any equipment or advice about certain equipment, please feel free to check out our blog!

    Like your choice in theme too, we use the same one 😉


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