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For a long time, cooking has been primarily about the richness and savor of food. Chefs have taken into consideration the taste more than how healthy for you the food actually is. However, due to the recent concerns about obesity and health, more and more chefs have begun to consider health when they are preparing their meals. This not only applies to chefs, but to average people cooking in their homes as well.

To add up the fun about health cooking, a type of competition has been developed to promote the healthy type of cooking. This type of competition is so simple that no special or advanced skills are required.

Healthy Techniques, Tried And True

If you want to begin healthy cooking, the first step is to learn about the healthiest cooking methods. It is known that certain cooking methods, such as deep frying, are not healthy. However, there are so many other techniques you can try instead. These techniques include: stir fry, roast, microwave, steam, saut, grill, broil, poach, and bake. Using one of these healthier techniques will result in a healthier meal.

Substitutions For Your Health

Another way to implement healthy cooking in your home or restaurant is to make healthy substitutions in your cooking. When you come upon an ingredient that you know to be unhealthy, you can substitute something else in its place that is a healthier option. Knowing a few acceptable substitutions can be helpful when doing this.

For example, if you usually use a cup of whole milk in your meal preparations, you can replace it with a healthier type of milk such as those milk containing zero amount of fats and you can even supplement it with a tablespoon of unsaturated type of oil. If you want to maintain a normal cholesterol level, use egg whites instead of those eggs indicated in the recipe. An egg white with two teaspoons of oil which is unsaturated would suffice.

Heavy creams can also have substitutions ideal for healthy cooking. For example, one cup of heave cream can be substituted with one cup of evaporated skim milk. It can also be replaced with cup of low fat yogurt and cup low fat cottage cheese. A great substitution for cottage cheese is 4 tablespoons of margarine blended in with one cup of low-fat dry cottage cheese.

A Small Sacrifice

Although you may be experiencing some changes when it comes to the taste, rest assured that your sacrifices will be worth since these modifications are for the betterment of your health.

Join The Healthy Cooking Revolution
By: Ram Collins


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