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How Can I forgive You?

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forgiving moments, originally uploaded by mondedereverie.

My heart’s rotten as Hell,
Feeling blue from head to toe,
I cannot fathom my anger for you,
From fire everlasting….amen!

Anger resides on me, day and night,
Any second can be any moment at all,
Fire, Demons, Hell, Evil,
Is it?

You came to me for my forgiveness!
You showed tears to soften my heart!
You told lies beyond my imagination to believe!
You tried everything as Hell for my forgiveness!

But how? How can I forgive you?
How can I forgive when you hurt my feelings?
My soul? My being?

Yes, before…

You made me felt strong, when you kissed me,
You made me felt the earth moved, when you embraced me,
You made me happy, the way I wanted it to be,

Yes, that was before…

But how can I forgive you?
Now and Forever?
Only God knows!


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