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Gadget Gourmet for Busy Housewife

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The modern housewife has so much more to be thankful for than her predecessors. Why? Because she has every kitchen gadget imaginable at her fingertips – a far cry from the days when “blending” meant whisking with a fork then forcing through a sieve.

With modern gadgetry it’s possible to achieve so much more in less than a quarter of the time.

Indeed, today’s vast range of kitchen electronics may even put some of the existing kitchen gadgets we have in our cupboards in the shade, because each season something new and more exciting comes onto the market.


A blender is essentially a motor unit which houses a blender goblet on top. There is usually one operating speed, although some of the larger capacity blenders have a speed selection. In some cases, a coffee mill attachment is supplied with the blender, a very handy gadget for many pureeing needs. Blender is ideal for soups, desserts and making those special mélanges of vegetables, to add to a sauce. Not only that, no Mum with a baby should be without one!

Food Processor:

Food processors are very hostess’s dream machine. Capable of every type of process from blending, chopping, grating, mincing and slicing, to work whisking and grinding, it quite literally stops short of actually cooking the food for you!

This ultra-handy machine, comes with various blades for various processes, and providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, it can cut preparation time for any recipe by more than half.

Some machines only have an “on” switch while others offer speeds of one to three or “flash” (for high speed processing).

Care must be taken however during washing u – those blades are very sharp. Always hold the plastic area of the disc or blade and rinse under hot water, when necessary, brushing down with a washing u brush and detergent.

Never use scourers, steel wool or scouring powder to clean the bowls, as this will scratch the surfaces. Wipe the motor base with a damp cloth and never immerse in water.

Pressure Cooker:

Pressure cooker is the ideal companion when making anything from curries to casseroles and soups to puddings, against the clock. Pressure cookers are also ideal for cooking tougher cuts of meat and, when doing vegetables it comes out tops because by cooking under pressure, it seals in the nutrients and flavor.

Deep Fat Fryer:

An appliance which is ideal for busy cooks, who would normally deep fry in a large heavy pan on the stove top. Ideal for deep frying anything from fish in batter to French fries to doughnuts – and a host of other exciting treats in between. Always remember to sieve oil after each frying and change frequently to maintain the crispness of the food.


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